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Tim Edlund founded Softworks Group Inc. in 1990. As CEO, Tim is responsible for setting strategy and leading product R&D. Tim has maintained expertise in database technologies and is an Agile methodology evangelist. He also enjoys staying fit , skiing and trying to survive parenting teenagers.

The less loopy the better! I have been using tally tables for a couple of years now but this article really expanded my understanding of how the technique can be applied more broadly. An excellent article – great post Ted! … Continue reading

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Ok .. so SharePoint blogging was driving me crazy

Welcome to our new technology posting blog – now on WordPress.  Wordpress has some nice widgets for blogging (pressing) from pretty much anywhere and subscriptions are more straightforward t0o (you don’t have to subscribe separately to comments).  Please post all … Continue reading

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Avoid function execution when parameters are null There is a specific syntax TSQL provides for skipping function execution when any parameters are NULL.  This often cleans-up code that would otherwise have to use branching logic to avoid the execution.  Fast, … Continue reading

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